Sculpture parks and gardens, whether woodland sanctuaries or urban retreats, sprawling sites or intimate oases, offer sculpture lovers and artists alike unique ways to experience the outdoors, sculpture, and the intersections between nature and culture. Since the mid 20th century, these venues have become important tourist destinations and essential aspects of public life. This book surveys a wide range of sculpture parks and gardens focusing on contemporary art.
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Art, Nature, People: The Sculpture Park Experience - Debra N. LEHANE
Sculpture Parks as Outdoor Museums - Brooke BARRIE
Planning Museum Park at the North Carolina Museum of Art - Daniel P. GOTTLIEB
The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden - Sarah TANGUY
Making the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden: A Conversation with Martin - Carol STERLING
A Garden for Latin America Sculpture - Collette CHATTOPADHYAY
DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park: Staying on the Edge - Marty CARLOCK
Creating a Sculpture Garden in the New Orleans: A Conversation with Sydney Besthoff - Robert PREECE
Olympic Sculpture Park: Icons and Monuments - Matthew KANGAS
Designing Sculpture Parks: The Full-Body Experience - Barbara SWIFT
Three Ideas of the Sculpture Garden: The Israel Museum, The Fields, and Grounds For Sculpture - Margaret SHEFFIELD
Made For Each Other: Storm King's Vistas and Sculpture - Jan Garden CASTRO
Middelheim Open Air Museum of Sculpture: A Conversation with Menno Meewis - Robert PREECE
Hakone Open-Air Museum: Sculpture in the Mountains of Japan - Ken SCARLETT
Yorkshire Sculpture Park at 30 - Oliver LOWENSTEIN
The Kroeller-Mueller Sculpture Park - Ken SCARLETT
Laumeier Sculpture Park - Jan Garden CASTRO
Emerging Art at The Fields - Jan Garden CASTRO
Grounds for Sculpture: Present and Past - Patricia SUMMERS
Australia's McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park - Ken SCARLETT
The Sculpture Park at Goodwood - John K. GRANDE
Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park - Gerry CRAIG
Into the Woods: The Carell Woodland Sculpture Trail - Susan W. KNOWLES
The Ephemeral Sculpture Garden - John K. GRANDE
TICKON and Sculpture in Nature's Eyes: A Conversation with Alfio Bonanno - John K. GRANDE
The Tree Museum, Canada - Gil MCELROY
The Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail - John K. GRANDE
Sculpture in Woodland - Robert PREECE
Wave Hill: Sculpture in the Garden - Jonathan GOODMAN
The Garden-Book: Environment Art at La Marrana - Andrea BELLINI
The Wanas Foundation: Patronage and Partnership - Gregory VOLK
Site-Specific Sculpture at Fattoria di Celle - Paula BORTOLOTTI
Collecting Experience: A Conversation with Steven Oliver - Donna BROOKMAN
Sculpture in the Pines: The NMAC Foundation - Cecile BOURNE-FARRELL
The World Sculpture Park at Changchun - Ken SCARLETT
The Open-Air Art Museum at Pedvale - Allison HUNTER
The Cullen Sculpture Garden: A Conversation with Isamu Noguchi - Tsipi BEN-HAIM
Hic Terminus Haeret: daniel Spoerri's Garden - John O'Brien
Little Sparta: Ian Hamilton Finlay's Garden - Anne BARCLAY MORGAN
Robert Irwin's central Garden at the Getty - Collette CHATTOPADHYAY
Nek Chand's Rock Garden - Minhazz MAJUMDAR
Alternative Outdoor Spaces: Socrates Sculpture Park as a Case Study - Alyson BAKER
Europos Parkas - Joyce Ellen WEINSTEIN
Franconia Sculpture Park - Ann KLEFSTAD
Salem Art Works - Jacqueline KEREN
Toronto Sculpture Garden - Gil MCELROY
Finland's Pirkkala Sculpture Park - Allison HUNTER
Buffalo Bayou Art Park and Community - Kevin JEFFRIES
Landscapes For Art: Contemporary Sculpture Parks
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Landscapes For Art: Contemporary Sculpture Parks