'In 1989, the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) published the volume Management of Success: The Moulding of Modern Singapore, which delved into a wide variety of issues that were integral to the growth of modern Singapore. The world that Singapore faced in 1989 has changed irrevocably. Meanwhile, within Singapore, the city-state has seen two prime ministerial transitions and the installation of third generation leaders who have articulated their vision for the twenty-first century. This new volume serves to update and review public policies form the early 1990s onward. It gathers prominent thinkers and scholars on Singapore to examine issues of leadership and policy; economic restructuring; societal transformation; foreign relations and national identity. It seeks to outline the impending challenges of the twenty-first century, and to demonstrate a clear trajectory of intellectual analysis of contemporary Singapore for students and scholars alike.' - excerpted from back cover.

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Terence CHONG

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Chapter headings
Introduction: The Role of Success in Singapore's National Identity

- Terence CHONG

Section 1: Singapore in the bigger Picture
Singapore's Foreign Policy: Reading and Adapting tot he Fast-changing International Context

- Joseph Chinyong LIOW

Singapore and ASEAN: A Contemporary Perspective

- Kengyong ONG

Section 2: Leadership, Policy and Politics
PM Lee Hsien Loong and the 'Third Generation' Leadership: Managing Key Nation-building Challenges

- HUSSIN Mutalib

Political Consolidation in Singapore: Connecting the Party, the Government and the Expanding State

- Khaileong HO

The Evolving Social Compact and the Transformation of Singapore: Going Beyond Quid Prop Quo in Governance

- Eugene K.B. TAN

The Ardour of Tokens: Opposition Parties' Stuggle to Make a Difference

- Alex Waipang AU

Section 3: The Restructuring of the Economy
Singapore's Changing Economic Model

- Keenmeng CHOY

Globalizing State, Disappearing Nation: The Impact of Foreign Participation in the Singapore Economy

- Linda Y.C. LIM, Sooann LEE

Exploring New Engines for Growth

- Linda LOW

Section 4: The Transformation of Society
The Ageing Population

- Muiteng YAP

Managing Labour Flows: Foreign Talent, Foreign Workers and Domestic Help

- Abdul Rahman NOORASHIKIN

Social Mobility in Singapore

- Kongweng HO

Singapore's Print Media Policy: A National Success?

- Tarnhow TAN

Control-shift: The Internet and Political Change in Singapore

- George CHERIAN

The Transformation of Meritocracy

- Kenneth Paul TAN

Education in Singapore: Sorting Them Out?

- Jason TAN

Religious Diversity in Singapore

- Aheng LAI

Section 5: The Law
The Panel Code Amendments of 2007: Lessons in Love

- Michael HOR

'More Matter, with Less Art': Human Rights and Human Development in Singapore

- Liann THIO

Section 6: Modification of the Environment
The Greening of the Global City

- Min GEH

Recovering from the 'Promethean Hangover'? Critical Reflections on the Remaking of Singapore as a Global City

- Choonpiew POW

The Four Taps: Water Self-sufficiency in Singapore

- Pohonn LEE

Section 7: Community and National Security
Community Confidence and Security

- Yolanda CHIN

National Security and Singapore: An Assessment

- Vasu NORMAN, Bernard LOO

Section 8: Life in Singapore
Culture, the Arts and the Global City

- C.J. Wan-ling WEE

Fluid Nation: The Perpetual 'Renovation' of Nation and National Identities in Singapore

- Terence CHONG

Suffer the Rebellious Children: The Politics of Remaking Singapore and the Remaking of Singapore Politics

- Russell Hiangkhng HENG

'It's Like Rice on the Table, It's Our Common dish': The English Language and Identity in Singapore

- KOH Taiann

Multiculturalism and the Problem of Solidarity

- Daniel P. S. GOH

Sexual Governance and the Politics of Sex in Singapore

- Laurence Waiteng LEONG


- Terence CHONG

Management of Success: Singapore Revisited
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Management of Success: Singapore Revisited