The Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei organises a series of 4 exhibitions entitled Curators in MOCA, 2005 for which 4 local curators are asked to jointly plan 4 exhibitions from different perspectives, i.e. the application of individual ideas and aesthetics in the interpretation of modern Taiwanese culture and global vision.

Membrane onto Magic is the third exhibition of the series with Rita Yuan-chien Chang as the curator. The exhibition invites contemporary artists to open up new spatial imaginings. Rita Chang attempts to apply the 'space/time' concept of physics to aesthetic experience of artists and to explore the charming mystery of visual sensation in art. Biographical notes of Rita Chang and the artists as well as brief description of the artworks are provided.
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Membrane onto Magic - CHANG Yuanchien Rita, 張元茜
The Mobius Twists Onto Artistic-branes - WU Yutang, 吳宇棠
The Drunken Boat - ROAN Chingyueh, 阮慶岳
Membrane onto Magic
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Membrane onto Magic, 膜中魔