'Mosquito house' refers to idle public facilities in Taiwan. Since 2010, artist Yao Juichung has been leading members of LSD (Lost Society Document) to work on the 'Mirage' project, surveying the phenomena of 'mosquito house' all around Taiwan. The first-hand information of LSD members and their on-spot documentation point to some common factors behind the idleness, including the loss of planned function due to the change in time and space, and the mismatch of public demand and public policies. Some are also born from the corrupted election and bidding systems.

Not only does the investigation of 'mosquito house' raise the hidden concerns of government's policy, but also exposes the deformed value of the country, of which hard ware development is overly stressed and construction is falsely equated to economic development.
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Hai shi shen lou IV: tai wan xian zhi gong gong she shi chou yang ta cha

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Real Mirage, Yao Jui-Chung's Statement of Democracy - Michael WU
穿視迷霧後方的海市蜃樓 - HU Yungfen, 胡永芬
看不見的身體,不安定的檔案:廢墟島上的形骸 - KUO Jaulan, 郭昭蘭
台灣政府的公共建設政策、選舉文化,與姚瑞中的「海市蜃樓——台灣閒置公共設施抽樣踏查計畫」 - LU Peiyi, 呂佩怡
在廢墟看見一道彩虹:「海市蜃樓——台灣閒置公共設施抽樣踏查」紀錄片跟拍雜記 - LO Hsiuchih Sandy, 羅秀芝
第一篇 - 完全閒置、部分閒置、低度使用 或延宕開發之公共設施
01 交通設施
02 工商園區
03 文教設施
04 體育場館
05 社福設施暨活動中心
06 辦公廳舍
07 市場
08 觀光遊憩設施
09 工程設施
10 軍事設施
第二篇 已活化或活化中之公共設施
Mirage IV: Disused Public Property in Taiwan
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Mirage IV: Disused Public Property in Taiwan, 海市蜃樓IV:台灣閒置公共設施抽樣踏查