'Annie Wan fills voids. Her quest is rooted in discovery through keen observation of "what is" and "what was" as she makes connections between what we see and what we do not see. Using forced fossilization (molding and casting), Wan creates and recreates society's ephemera. This filling (or casting) and recreating both positive and negative space is done to augment and honour a universal sense of place while simultaneously dealing with memory, metaphor, intellect, and culture. Wan examines this sense of place through down-to-earth items such as canned fish, pebbles, shadows. and torn-down houses.' from Introduction by Deborah Sigel

Annie Wan's work explores memories of space and objects. Using moulding as a way of depicting the reality, her work reproduce the original with imagination and sentiment. Inside the monograph, artist statements and pictures of her ceramic works which were made during her residency in Denmark are presented. Introduction by Deborah Sigel are included too.

The monograph was published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same title in Hong Kong, 2005.

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Introduction: Filling Voids - Deborah SIGEL
Artist's Words: Finding Evidence of the Past Reality - WAN Laikuen Annie, 尹麗娟
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Moulding World - A Summer in Denmark