Catalogue produced in conjunction with exhibition of the same name, 'Moving On' was held for a year starting in July 17, 2003, at the Painting Gallery of the Lee Kong Chian Art Museum, Singapore. Curated by Binghui Huangfu and featuring the works of twelve artists; using a diverse range of mediums and disciplines, including performance, installation and mixed-media. "Both exhibition and publication attempt to raise audience awareness of phenomenal changes in art practice and thinking in present-day China." Also includes biographical information on artists.
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Moving On: Contemporary Chinese Art - HUANGFU Binghui, 皇甫秉惠
Existence in Translation - HUANG Du, 黃篤
The Meaning of 'Meaningless' - WU Hong, 吳鴻
Chen Lingyang And Her Twelve Flower Months - ZHANG Li, 張離
Female Bodies: Truth and Beauty - LIAO Wen, 廖雯
An Interview With Chen Lingyang - CHEN Lingyang, 陳羚羊
Excerpts From Details of The Metropolis: On Hong Hao's Recent Works - Chaos Y. CHEN, 陳泱
Index of My Photographic Works - HONG Hao, 洪浩
The Body of Desire And 'Daily Life' - HUANG Du, 黃篤
Hu Xiangdong's Cabbages - KE Ning, 椅宇
Excerpts From An Interview With Jiang Jie - YIN Shuangxi, 殷雙喜
For The Future Memory - LAU Kinwah Jaspar, 劉建華
Su Xinping's Art - GAO Minglu, 高名潞
Developments In Su Xinping's Art - HUANGFU Binghui, 皇甫秉惠
The Trend Of Neo-Realism In Contemporary Art Games and Tang Zhigang - CHEN Tong, 陳侗
Children In Meeting - TANG Zhigang, 唐志岡
Wang Jianwei's Installation Art - HUANGFU Binghui, 皇甫秉惠
New Rational Painting: The Logic of Visual Form - WANG Xiaojian, 王小箭
They Just Look Like Flowers - Monica DEMATTE
A New Viewpoint Of Ink-Wash Painting - PI Li, 皮力
To Desecrate Icons With Icons - ZHANG Qing, 張晴
Moving On: Contemporary Chinese Art at NUS Museums
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Moving On: Contemporary Chinese Art at NUS Museums