'About MYEW!

MYEWI is an independent publication project dedicated to made-up words, sounds, orientations, bullets, theories, nectar, milk, images, bubbles, fist fights and many more.

MYEWI is conceived by us on a late night bus ride. We love the beginnings of things, the radical moments when ideas and thoughts are yet to have a clear and defined shape. (Think of the first mutation of a cell's genome, or the first syllable uttered by an A.I. chatbot.) This is why we strive for an alternative space for alternative writings/images/drawings/stories/porn/rants/comics/reviews/memes/ essays/poetry/... that come from the beginnings of ideas, for ourselves, friends, peers and hopefully others. A space which occurs to us, is now more vital than ever. Let your formless thought blobs run wild.

About Vol.1

The theme of our debut issue is Hot Glue Cold Pie, referring to the array of bodily senses and feelings that is related to these four words - temperature, texture, stickiness, viscosity, sweetness, smell the sensuality and sexiness of someone playing with glue, especially when the glue completely conforms to one's body and becomes a second skin-the subdued anger of a pie that is left idled, eagerly waiting to be consumed or, even better, thrown at some fools' faces. In other words, Hot Glue Cold Pie is about the immediacy of the body and the potentiality of the mind.

With content by Aaron Lam, Eddie Lam, Nat F, Ringo Lo, Tin E, Tsang Ka Wun, Wing Sze Ng, Wong Chun Sing, 文仕聰'—description from the editor

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MYEW! (Vol.1)