This book is published in conjunction with the News from Nowhere project initiated by artists Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho. The project aims to reflect on the current state of artistic practice and society as a whole while also envisioning the future. A major component of the project is the film El Fin del Mundo (The End of the World), which looks at the meaning and role of art in a post-apocalyptic world in which social order has collapsed. In addition, Moon and Jeon collaborated with architects, designers, and scientists on projects dealing with challenges facing the world. The reconstruction of the earthquake and tsunami stricken Tohoku region of Japan is one of the topics explored. The perspectives of scholars from diverse fields, such as literature, science, the humanities, and religion, are also included in this book in the form of writings or conversations.
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Editor's Note: A Hard Journey to the Future
A Committee for the Annals of Homo sapiens - CHOE Jaechun, 최재천
A Flower & Struggle Part I: Interview with Lee Changdong
El Fin del Mundo (The End of the World) - MOON Kyungwon, 문경원, JEON Joonho, 전준호
Between Cognitive Capitalism & Disaster Capitalism: Fukushima - JOE Jeongwhan
Home for All: The Restoration of Publicness & a Great Transformation of Architecture - Toyo ITO, 伊藤豐雄
Three Visions from Far Site - Kayoko IEMURA, 家村佳代子
Towards New Commons: New Technology for Constructing New Communal Space - Yusaku IMAMURA, 今村有策
Shenu: Hydrolemic System - Takram Design Engineering
A Flower & Struggle Part II: Interview with Ko Un
The Fear of the Times - Eric KHOO
A Protest Against Forgetting: Hans-Ulrich Obrist Interview with Andrea Zanzotto
I-CITY - MVRDV, The Why Factory
The World without Music - Christopher DOBRIAN
Endless Avant-garde - Toshi ICHIYANAGI, 一柳慧
Graphic Score & Beyond: The Political Aesthetics of Experimental Music in the Post-Cagean Age - HONG Chulki, 홍철기
Moving Upstream: The Future of the Lost Religion - Interview with Misan
Final Sync: Prototype Uniform - Kosuke TSUMURA, 津村耕祐
A= 3 2d²≃0.866025404d²: Uniform - JUNG Kuho
LUCIS: Mind Light for the New World - Interview with Jeong Jaeseung
News from Nowhere: A Platform for the Future & Introspection of the Present
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News from Nowhere: A Platform for the Future & Introspection of the Present