This book is published to accompany the announcement of the 2012 Korea Artist Prize, awarded to artists Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho for their collaborative project News from Nowhere, which reflect upon the direction that contemporary art practices and society as a whole are taking, and envision the potentiality of future co-operations across fields outside of the visual arts. Plates, details and explanations of the constituent components of the holistic project are provided. Texts presented are a series of talks and interviews of collaborators with the artists.

Includes a list of configuration of News from Nowhere project, notes on contributors, and biographies of the artists.
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Critical Dystopia: On News from Nowhere - LEE Sookkyung
Film, El Fin del Mundo
Film, El Fin del Mundo - Production Process
A Conversation with Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho - Hans Ulrich OBRIST
Film, Avyakta
In Praise of the Loss of Limited, Weighty, Orientated Boy-Space - Chus MARTINEZ
A Conversation with Joe Jeonghwan - MOON Kyungwon, 문경원, JEON Joonho, 전준호
Shenu: Hydrolemic System - Takram Design Engineering
I-CITY - MVRDV and The Why Factory
A=√ 3 ⁄2d²≃0.866025404d²: Uniform - JUNG Kuho
Final Sync: Prototype Uniform - Kosuke TSUMURA, 津村耕祐
LUCIS: Mind Light for the New World - Jaeseung JEONG, MOON Kyungwon, 문경원, JEON Joonho, 전준호
Mind Shelter: Home for All - Toyo ITO, 伊藤豐雄
A Flower and Struggle - KO Un
A Flower and Struggle - Changdong LEE, 이창동
Endless Avant-garde - Toshi ICHIYANAGI, 一柳慧
The Origin and Evolution of Art - CHOE Jaechun, 최재천
Society under Construction - Yilmaz DZIEWIOR
News from Nowhere: A Platform for the Future & Introspection of the Present
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News from Nowhere: A Platform for the Future & Introspection of the Present