Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake is a joint exhibition by three artists from Yangjiang city held at Taikang Top Space in 2006. It is part of an exhibition series One Work curated by Tang Xin. Featured in the exhibition is an installation with eighteen large calligraphic works, television sets and a room in which the artists placed bets through the internet. Curator Tang Xin suggested that the true nature of the work actually lay in betting on the lottery. 'At the opening ceremony, the artists made a Yangjiang scene: sitting in front of the table discussing, buying numbers and placing bets, they pulled the audience into a real scene. They scheduled the opening ceremony for dinnertime on Tuesday, which is when the Hong Kong lottery numbers are announced. The timing was another big indicator of Hong Kong's influence over Yangjiang. The suggested dinner menu, including beef and rabbit, was in accordance to the habits of Yangjiang lottery players. The One work: Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake exhibition scene and Yangjiang were closely linked by internet, cell phones and fax machines. The three artists in Beijing and five friends in Yangjiang discussed the details of the number reports and placed their bets together, so that a single game was being played together in two places. Since all gambling are prohibited by Chinese law, lottery betting takes place underground. Not making an open reference to the lottery, gambling taking place at the opening ceremony hinted at the true nature of its existence in society.' Artist biographies are provided in the present catalogue.
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Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake - A Case Study with Strong Regionalist Traits - TANG Xin, 唐昕
One work: Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake of Zheng Guogu + Chen Zaiyan + Sun Qinglin
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One work: Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake of Zheng Guogu + Chen Zaiyan + Sun Qinglin, 一件作品: 鄭國谷 + 陳再炎 + 孫慶麟之<<鼠牛虎兔龍蛇>>