This issue focuses mainly on contemporary Chinese art. The articles discuss its history and examine the numerous paths Chinese artists are following in their attempts to forge a new individual or national artistic identity. 'Gallery Report' (pages 70-74) reviews exhibitions of contemporary art from China, Tawian, Hong Kong and Malaysia, held in New York and Hong Kong. (author unknown)

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Traditionalism; Reform and Modernism in Twentieth Century Chinese Painting - WAN Qingli, 萬青力
Aspects of Taipei Modernism in the 1990s - John CLARK, 姜苦樂
Ambivalent Icons: Works by Five Chinese Artists Based in the United States - Jonathan HAY
Measuring the Weight of the Written World: Reflections on the Character-Paintings of Chu Ko and the Role of Writing in Contemporary Chinese Art - Peter STURMAN
Notes from London (with a focus on Chinese artists living in the United Kingdom) - Paul CAI
Notes from Paris (with a focus on Chinese artists living in Paris) - CHEN Yingde, 陳英德
Exhibition Review: 'Desire for Words: Installation Works by Xu Bing and Gu Wenda' - Meg MAGGIO, 馬芝安
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Orientations (Vol. 23, No. 7)