'Within contemporary art, the curator’s mediating function has developed into “the curatorial” itself. The curatorial is akin to methodologies used by artists that focus on post-production approaches—that is, principles of montage, with disparate images, objects, as well as other material and immaterial phenomena that are brought together within a particular time and space-related framework. Because the curatorial has clear performative sides, ones that seek to challenge the status quo, it also includes elements of choreography, orchestration, and administrative logistics—like all practices working with defining, preserving, and mediating cultural heritage in a wider sense. Is curating therefore essentially an act of translation? If so, with what purpose, and can it be performed elsewhere?

'Performing the Curatorial brings together a diverse group of curators, artists, art historians, educators, and thinkers, all of whom reflect on the curatorial motives, tendencies and tactics, pitfalls, and exegeses in translating, and thus performing, cultural heritage. Edited and introduced by Maria Lind and with a preface by Johan Öberg, Performing the Curatorial includes contributions by Doug Ashford, Beatrice von Bismarck, Boris Buden, Clémentine Deliss, Helmut Draxler, Eungie Joo, and Marion von Osten.' (Back Cover)

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Chapter headings
Performing Heritage at the University: Some Remarks on Maria Lind's Program - Johan OBERG
Performing the Curatorial: An Introduction - Maria LIND
Towards the Heterosphere: Curator as Translator - Boris BUDEN
Group Material: Abstraction as the Onset of the Real - Doug ASHFORD
Performing the Curatorial in a Post-Ethnographic Museum - Clementine DELISS
Maria Lind and Eungie Joo in Conversation - October 10, 2011
The Drifting of Volition: A Theory of Mediation - Helmut DRAXLER
Movements that Matter: 'Project Migration' - Marion VON OSTEN
Showing Showing: Louise Lawler and the Art of Curatorial Hospitality - Beatrice VON BISMARCK
Seminar and Symposium Program
Performing the Curatorial: Within and Beyond Art
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Performing the Curatorial: Within and Beyond Art