'This book of essays and lectures by Apinan Poshyananda spanning 1993 to 2004 show the urgency and foresight of the contemporary art curator as activist. Apinan -- as he is known to his comrades around the world, in every language - has lead the charge on how to think about cultural production in a post-colonial, global and desperately fraught historical state that he calls "The New World (dis)Order". Appearing in landmark exhibitions and conferences from Brisbane to Tokyo to Istanbul to Delhi that mapped the emergence of Asia in the international art arena, Apinan has provoked a new ethics of critical awareness.' - Alexandra Munroe  

The book includes the author's biography. Introduction by Alexandra Munroe, Senior Curator of Solomon Guggenheim Museum, New York. This copy is signed by the author.  

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Apinan Poshyananda | Selected Writings: 1993-2004

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Apinan's Asia and the 'New World (dis) Order' - Alexandra MUNROE
1. The Future: Post-Cold War, Postmodernism, Post-Marginalia (Playing with Slippery Lubricants), 1993
2. The Potential of Asian Thought: Asian Art in the Post-Hagemonic World, 1994
3. New Perspective of International Contemporary Arts: A Frame Works?: Non-Aligned, Non-Alien Ping Pong, 1995
4. Fifty Years of Indian Art: MOdernity and MOdenism in Asia A Regional Perspective, 1996
5. Contemporary Art in Asia: Traditions/Tensions: Roaring Tigers, Desperate Dragons in Transition, 1996
6. Eat Me, 1998
7. Heroes and Holies, 2001
8. Beyond Paradise: Nordic Artists Travel East; Paradise Regained, 2002
9. Contemporary Art in Asia: Traditions/Tensions; In Search of a Discourse: Slow Rewind; How to Prevent Premature Climax in Contemporary Asian Art, 1997
10. The Asian Art Network - A New Cure for Asian Art Curators, 1999
11. Asian Art and the New Millennium: From Glocalism to Techno-Shamanism, 1999
12. The Acrobat, the Chef, the Go-between and the Dreamer, 2001
13. Making Art Public in the Forest of Concrete, 1994
14. Survival Now! Whose Body, Whose Politics? 1994
15. TransCulture: From Hybrid Space to Alien Territory, 1995
16. New/Old Orient/OCCIDENT/ation in the New World DISorder, 1995
17. Black Face/Yellow Face: Distant Neighbors, 1995
18. The Edge of Awareness: On the Edge of A Vast Disaster, 1998
19. 'Con Art' Seen from the Edge: The Meaning of Conceptual Art in Southeast Asia, 1999
20. New Narration and Meta-Fiction, 2001
21. Undressing Europa: Voyeuristically Through the Dark Corridor, 2002
22. Happiness: Happy Hours Forever, The Asian Syndrome, 2003
23. The Passion for Fascination, 2002
24. Yasumasa Morimura: The Master of Masquerade and Mimicry, 2000
25. Naruba Avramovic: Between Angels and Serpents, 2001
26. Heri Dono: Bizarre Dalang, Javanese Bricoleur, Low-Tech Wizard, 2000
Playing with Slippery Lubricants
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Playing with Slippery Lubricants