MAP Office conducted a residency at AAA from February to July 2012. As part of their residency, an installation Atlas of Asia Art Archive presents the territories of 111 artists configured into 12 possible categories. In this list of 12 categories, geography goes beyond the conventional means of defining territories. Usually constrained by national interests and geographic borders, these categories propose another taxonomy in which territories are defined by the nature of their creations and ambitions. The various territories are classified by constructing heterotopian platforms based on productive processes - first the physical place of the Archive (spatial dimension); its content extended to an artistic narrative (artistic practice); and finally the temporal accumulation of the Archive (cultural strategy). In continuity with their current practice, Laurent Gutierrez and Valérie Portefaix are here attracted by territorial concerns, walking the line between art and architecture, aesthetics and activism, image and text. More details on the program page


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2) A special edition of the Atlas of Asia Art Archive, which contains 113 leaves of unbound pages stacked together in a box and comes with a separate bibliography (See the separate record here)
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