Artist Forum International is an international art event which takes places every year in major Korean cities.  The goal is an open exchange of ideas through multiple platforms such as exhibitions, discussions, workshops and public projects.  "Public Moment" is Artist Forum International's theme for 2006.  There have been numerous discourses on publicness and public art. While these tend to focus on places, such as public sites, Public Moment will pay close attention to processes - of public communication, public interface, dialogue and exchange, and formation of public opinion. Subjects of discourse include democracy, the shift from local community to global community; the transformation of the public sphere through advances in media technology, the alternative art market, the relationship between art and media, and artists' residencies. The publication documents the featured events and exhibits and contains reviews and papers relating to Public Moment.  From September 5 through 30, 2006, the exhibition venues were: Alternative Space Loop, Ssamzie Space, Gallery Ccot, and Gallery Sup.
Participants included: Critical Art Ensemble, Natalie Bookchin, Raqs Media, Finger, Long March, Jay Koh and Chuyuan, Yangachi, Youm Dong Cheol, Oasis Project, Hwasung Changmoon Art Center, Choi Jeong Hwa, Another Way of Seeing, Pidgin Collective (Haja Center) - Minouk Lim, Bae Young Hwan, Ham Sung Ho, Mix Rice + Sungnam Project, Emil Goh, Baruch Gottlieb, Collapsible Museum, Project Standing-by 000, YMAP, Steve Kurtz, Choi Byung Soo. 
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New Ways of Engaging Asia--Artists' Mobility and Artist Residencies - KIM Bomin, 김보민
Few Memos on Publicness - PARK Haechun
Moment of Isolation for Public Art - BAN Ejung, 반이정
Continuation is Achieved Moment by Moment - LEE Daebum, 이대범
Report of Fake Press at Gwangju Biennale - CHO Hwayeon, 조화연
Public Moment, Interested Moment - CHO Hwayeon, 조화연
Local or International: 'Fever Variations,' the Press and the International Art World - John BYRNE
Public Moment
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Public Moment, 공공의 순간