This catalogue is published on the occasion of Fu Bao Shi's exhibition entitled 'Rivers Deep - Mountains High: Paintings by Fu Bao Shi', celebrating the artist's centennial anniversary. As said by Chan Hou Seng, Curator of Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy of the Macao Museum of Art, 'Fu Baoshi was also a renowned master of landscape painting. He succeeded Huang Binhong, who had created a new style of landscape painting called "Baoshi wrinkle" based on the cattle-hair wrinkle of Wang Meng of the Yuang Dynasty. As well as painting landscapes, Fu Baoshi was also an accomplished painter of figures. His paintings of ancient Chinese figures from the 3rd and 4th centuries BC were especially acclaimed.' Please note that the essays, chronology of the artist and the brief analysis of each work are provided in Chinese only.
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百念滄桑話'畫魂' - 傅抱石 - Tianming ZHUANG, 莊天明, Qibin ZHAO, 趙啟斌
勤奮的天才 不朽的巨匠 - 傅抱石繪畫成就四論 - Tianming ZHUANG, 莊天明, Weixing ZHANG, 張蔚星
Rivers Deep - Mountains High: Paintings by Fu Bao Shi
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Rivers Deep - Mountains High: Paintings by Fu Bao Shi, 河山在目 - 傅抱石百年紀念畫集