Full title:  Saatchi's new gallery, a huge home for his great passion for Chinese art, re-establishes his importance to modern art, says Waldemar Januszczak.  

Januszczak enthusiastically reviews the new 70,000 square foot Saatchi Museum on King's Road.   Its four floors of interconnected white cubes are perfect for displaying modern art despite its origins and facade dating from 1803.   With even more enthusiasm, the reviewer welcomes back Charles Saatchi who closed his gallery in 2005 and whom he credits with singlehandedly revitalizing Britain's contemporay art world.   The inaugural exhibition of contemporary Chinese art receives less favorable reviews.  Puzzling to Januszczak is the overpeppering of Chairman Mao's image throughout the exhibition.  He finds Zhang Xiaogang chronically repetitive, and Can Xin and others derivative.  He welcomes the more shocking body art by Xing Jing, Zhang Dali, and Sun Yuan and Peng Yu.  Included in the pages of this review is an interview with Charles Saatchi. 
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Art Attack

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5 Oct 2008

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Culture, 5 Oct 2008, pp. 6–9

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Saatchi's New Gallery