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Xun zhao ya zhou shou jie ya zhou shuang nian zhan zhong guo guang zhou di yi ci xue shu hui yi

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Preface: The Starting Point of Our Search | 序: 尋找的起點 - SUN Ge, 孫歌
Part 1: The History and Present Situation of Asia; Outlining the Concept of Asia | 第一節 亞洲的歷史與現狀
Opening Speech | 館長致辭 - LUO Yiping, 羅一平
'Asian' as a Method | 以'亞洲'為方法 - ZHANG Qing, 張晴
Where is Asia — Why and How to Refer to Asia | 亞洲在哪裡—為甚麼談亞洲, 如何談亞洲 - SUN Ge, 孫歌
Change of 'Modern' Genealogy and Formation of 'Asian Imagination' | '近代'譜系的變化與'亞洲想像'的建構 - LUO Gang, 羅崗
Guangzhou and Asia — A Historical Perspective | 廣州與亞洲—一個歷史的視角 - LIU Zhiwei, 劉志偉
Part 2: The Presentation of Contemporary Art of Asia | 第二節 亞洲當代藝利的呈現
The Concept of Asian Art and Correlated Issues | '亞洲美術'的概念與內在相關性問題 - DONG Bingyue, 董炳月
The Other Side of Modernity, Modernity from the Other Side | 現代性的另一面, 另一面的現代性 - Henk SLAGER
Showing Chinese in Austria, and Aspects of Chineseness | 奧地利的中國當地藝術及中國性 - Peter PAKESCH
Shifting Gravity — A New Interest in Asia | 引力轉移—亞洲新趣味 - Ute Meta BAUER
Visual Scene of Traditional Concepts and Modern Appeals — Case Studies of Islamic Art Designs and Arab Countries' Contemporary Art | 傳統觀念與現代化訴求—以西亞伊斯蘭圖案藝術、阿拉伯國家當代美術為例 - YU Weiya, 于維雅
John Dugger, Peoples' Participation Pavilion, Documenta 5, Kassel, 1972 | 約翰·達格, 1972年卡塞爾第五屆文獻展公眾參與館 - Sarah WILSON
Image of Another Population — Chinese Online Images as an Example | 另一個人群的圖像—以當代中國網絡圖像為例 - LUO Tianran, 羅天然
Part 3: Roundtable Discussion | 第三節 圓桌討論會
Search: Asia: the Opening Academic Conference of the 1st Asia Biennial (Guangzhou · China)
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Search: Asia: the Opening Academic Conference of the 1st Asia Biennial (Guangzhou · China), 尋找亞洲—首屆'亞洲雙年展(中國·廣州)'第一次學術會議