This is the catalogue of the solo exhibition of Ralha Rathore, which was held at Rohtas 2 in Lahore, Pakistan in 2007. In the accompanying essay, Salima Hashmi says 'Rathore has always submitted to the sensuousness of surface and seduction of color. In these works she goes beyond easily achieved retinal satisfaction. She now opts for a more rigorous distillation of patterned networks. The reference to botanical forms which mutate and multiply is oblique and consequently mysterious and occasionally disturbing. Even where rendered in celebratory color, there are watchful undertones, accentuated by the Manhattan-Scape wasli surface'. The artist's biography is included.

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Seeking, Seeping, Spreading - Salima HASHMI
Metro World Miniature Art - Quddus MIRZA
Subway Surfaces - Imran QURESHI
Seeking, Seeping, Spreading: New Works by Talha Rathore
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Seeking, Seeping, Spreading: New Works by Talha Rathore