This publication is produced in conjunction with the exhibition 'Self and Other: Portraits from Asia and Europe' held at the following five musuems in Japan:

National Museum of Ethnology
11 September - 25 November 2008

The National Museum of Art, Osaka
30 September - 24 November 2008

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
6 December 2008 - 25 January 2009

The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama
7 February - 29 March 2009

Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History
7 February - 29 March 2009

The exhibition asks how people in Asian and Europe have understood the self and how they have accepted each other. A travelling exhibition, it has been created through a collaboration between cultural museums and art museums in 18 countries in Asia and Europe, who are members of the Asia-Europe Museum Network (ASEMUS).

List of works included in a separate booklet.
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Chapter headings
Introduction. Portraits from Asia and Europe: How have people depicted each other? - Kenji YOSHIDA, 吉田憲司
Preface - Brian DURRANS
Chapter 1 Portraits of the Self
Portraits of the Self: Characteristics and development of Asian portraits - Yukiya KAWAGUCHI, 川口幸也
European Portraiture - Brian DURRANS
Chapter 2 Before Contacts: imagined others
Imagined Asia, Imagined Europe - Kenji YOSHIDA, 吉田憲司
Portraits of China and Japan: the case of the Dutch Golden Age - Thijs WESTSTEIJN
Chapter 3 After Contact: representing the other in one's own style
Japanese Thinking about Foreign Countries and Peoples in the Early Modern: Fascination, curiosity, fear and slight - Motohiro SHIMAMURA, 嶋村元宏
Peopling Landscapes, ethnographic and otherwise: European images of Asians from the 15th to the 19th centuries - Angus LOCKYER
Chapter 4 The Modern Look: adopting the other's style
Japanese Western-Style Painting: from assimilation to blending - Masao MOMIYAMA, 籾山昌夫
Detachment from the Self: the change in modern awareness brought about by the other's style in Asia - Tsutomu MIZUSAWA, 水沢勉
Modernism: Self and Other represented in (or by incorporating) other's style - Toshio WATANABE, 渡辺俊夫
Chapter 5 Self and Other in the Contemporary World
The Asia and the Others, the Others for the Asian: the act of adjusting contemporary world - Raiji KURODA, 黒田雷児
Contemporary Portraits: What supports their reality - Masahiro YASUGI, 安來正博
'Self' and 'Other' in the Late Consumer Capitalism - Katy DEEPWELL
Self and Other: Portraits from Asia and Europe
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Self and Other: Portraits from Asia and Europe, アジアとヨーロッパの肖像