This book documents the 7th annual SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY organised by Seoul Museum of Art in 2013. The residency program organised the 2013 NANJI Art Show with 22 South Korean artists and 16 international artists, Critic Workshop with art theorists, and Open Studio as an outcome of residency program. The book includes colour plates of art works, essays on each South Korean artist by art critics, artist statements by international artists, and artists' profiles. 

Only the artists with Asian backgrounds are listed below.

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Kang, Sang Bin: Experience and Thought through the Cracks - CHO Kwanyong, 조관용
Kwon, Yong Chul: Mechanical Universe Ruled by Logic - LEE Seonyeong
Kim, Ayoung: Kim Ayoung's Dialectical Railway Travel: From Colonial Times to the Present - KOH Dongyeon
Kim, Joon: Measure, Instead of Creation! - LEE Youngjune, 이영준
Daewoong Nam: Politics of Face and Afterward - KIM Jiyon, 김지연
MISUNG: Mind and Material, the Allegory of Fusion - YU Tonghyun, 류동현
Park, Ki Jin: Bricoleur (A Manually Adept Artist) Who Weaves Reality and Virtuality - SHIN Hyeyoung, 신혜영
Bang & Lee: Bang & Lee Werkbund 2031 - CHO Juri
Beak, Jung-ki: Shamanism, Engineering, and Art - Transition Points in Beak Jung-ki's Art - KANG Sumi, 강수미
Dongwook Suh: About Lost Things, About Romance: Suh Dong-wook's Narcissistic Mirror Image - CHUNG Sukyung
Ye Seung Lee: The Thin Line between Reality and Illusion - CHUNG Yeonshim, 정연심
Wonwoo Lee: Five Spaces: The Lightness and Unfamiliarity of the World - Contemplation of Artist Wonwoo Lee's Artwork - PARK Kyoungrin
Lee, Changwon: Rough Memos and Questions about Lee Changwon's Work - LEE Daebeom
Jeon, Mi Rai: Disguised Space, Dangerous Space - KIM Haeju
Jung, Sungyoon: Jung Sungyoon's Artist Theory: A Method of Survival in the Message Theater Era, or a Method of Being Fossilized - KIM Sangwoo
Seung Jung: I Know the Name Attached to You, But I Don't Know Your Name - SHIN Seungoh, 신승오
Jo, Haejun: Between Collector and Artist and Witness - LEE Enjeong
Cha, Mihye: Travel without Destination - Wandering in Between - JUNG Hyun, 정현
Choi, Hyo-min: Artist with the Attitude of a Director - LIM Seonghoon
Kiwon Hong: On Kiwon Hong's Works - HWANG Rockjoo, 황록주
Kim, Byungkwan: Digital Drawings by Kim Byungkwan - PAIK Gon, 백곤
Suk Sung-suk: Opinion on Suk Sung-Suk's Works - KIM Jihye, 김지혜
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SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY 2013, 난지미술창작스튜디오 7기 레지던시 프로그램