Published in conjunction with the exhibition hosted by Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, from October to November 2010, as part of a collaboration with the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung. 'The 11 artists featured in Sensory Topology: Physical Sensation in Taiwan Contemporary Art, exploring physical perception, give voice to the myriad possibilities in the interaction of art and audiences, works and bodies, sentience and deep consciousness. In this way, when the audience enters the realm of the works, an exclusive personal sensory experience is activated via the sensations of eyes, ears, nose, hands, body, and mind. Through physically perceived individual differences the artists exemplify the physical traits of today, conducting the relationships between art and people and people and the era. As a result, the sensory topology of art is more than a creative stratagem for arousing perception, but is also a contemporary narrative, and the individual's intuitive view of the environment.' - excerpt of essay by Chao-Yi TSAI

Images in this catalogue are accompanied by artist statements. Artists' biographies are provided.

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Gan guan ta pu tai wan dang dai yi shu ti gan ce

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The Sentient Body: Where the Self and Contemporary Reality Intertwine

- TSAI Chaoyi, 蔡昭儀

Sensory Topology: Bodily Perception of Taiwan Contemporary Art
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Sensory Topology: Bodily Perception of Taiwan Contemporary Art, 感官拓樸:台灣當代藝術體感測