'Seoul Museum of Art presents "SeMA Gold 2012: Hidden Track," an exhibition to shed light on stellar artworks by mid-career artists of Korea. Through this exhibition showcasing the vision and ability of 19 invited established artists, the present and future of Korean art will be illuminated.

'As the exhibition's title "Hidden Track" indicates, the show has been offered to the participating artists as a forum for experiment and amusement where they can try completely new styles of work, deviating from their signature idioms. Revealing each artist's hidden desire for creation, works on display will provide viewers with new aesthetics and unique spectacles through a synergy derived from the unexpected collisions of exhibited pieces.' (p. 7) 

Photographs from the exhibition, artist statements, and commentary by the curator included. 
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Seoul Museum of Art SeMA Gold 2012: Hidden Track

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Hidden Track - KIM Sungwon, 김성원
Kang Hong Goo
Kho Nak Beom
Kim Yong Ik
Jiwon Kim
Noh Sang Kyoon
Moon Beom
Ahn Kyuchul
Hein Kuhn Oh
Yook Keun Byung
Dongchun Yoon
Yoon Youngseok
Kibong Rhee
Oksang Lim
Cho Duck Hyun
Minhwa Choi
Choi Gene Uk
Myung Seop Hong
Hong Sungdo
Inkie Whang
Seoul Museum of Art | SeMA Gold 2012: Hidden Track
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Seoul Museum of Art | SeMA Gold 2012: Hidden Track, 서울시립미술관 SeMA 중간허리 2012: 히든 트랙