Catalogue of Korean multimedia artist Sasa's first solo exhibition entitled Show Show Show at the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation Theater. Show Show Show, as said by Lee Chungwoo in his essay, 'was a performance created by recycling The Show Must Go On. As well as being his first solo show, it formed part of the lineup of MODAFE 2005, East Asia's premier dance festival, and was specially created as a response to The Show Must Go On (2001), a piece by Jerome Bel that was invited to the festival the same year... In Jerome Bel's The Show Must Go On , the choreographer creates a strange "Simon says" apparatus by setting a strange dance performance to 18 pop songs played by a DJ. In Sasa's case, he took that "(un)meaningful composition" and claimed that by timing movements to Korean pop music, a command-follow game that is both new and not new could be reproduced.'

With documentation of the performance, lyrics of the Korea songs that were performed in the show, and Lee Chungwoo's analysis and detailed description of Sasa's performance.

Lee Chungwoo is also known as Lim Geun-jun.
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An Obsessive-Compulsive Art that is Redistributing Today's Culture: Sasa(44) - LIM Geunjun, 임근준
Show Show Show: <i>The Show Must Go On</i> Recycled
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Show Show Show: The Show Must Go On Recycled