This book is a collection of papers presented at an international academic conference held in conjunction with Liu Kuosong's solo exhibition at The Palace Museum, Beijing in 2007.

The exhibition 'Sixty Years a Painter: Retrospective Exhibition of Liu Guosong' at The Palace Musuem, signifies the acceptance of the innovative new ink painting movement into its cultural fold. The organisers therefore, take the opportunity of this exhibition to review the historical development of modern ink painting, so as to critically assess broader issues relating to calligraphy-painting and cultural modernisation. The conference aims to examine the theories and strategies that have arisen in the past half century out of response to the growing predominance of modern art.

Moderators of the conference include, Li Chutsing, Li Wenru, Xue Yongnian, Lang Shaojun, Li Chutsing and Chang Tsongzung.
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也說臨摹, 寫生, 創作; 台灣畫史裡的變局

- WANG Yaoting, 王耀庭

水墨變相: 現代水墨在台灣

- HSIAO Chongray, 蕭瓊瑞

中國美術的現代覺醒: 劉國松與20世紀中國畫變革

- CHEN Ruilin, 陳瑞林


- YANG Xin, 楊新


- YU Hui, 余輝

兩岸三地與劉國松: 現代水末的轉型

- TANG Hoichiu, 鄧海超


- Zining ZHANG, 張子寕

The Ink Debate: Out or In of Modern Art (in English only)

- Alexandra MUNROE

What does 'Contemporary' mean in 'Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting'? Some Thoughts (in English only)

- Robert D. MOWRY

中國畫傳統的再構想: 劉國松與現代性

- John CLARK, 姜苦樂

(Sixty Years a Painter: Retrospective Exhibition of Liu Guosong — International Academic Conference
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Sixty Years a Painter: Retrospective Exhibition of Liu Guosong — International Academic Conference on Calligraphy, Painting and Modernity: Development and Change in the Context of Modern Art, 繪畫一甲子: 劉國松回顧展 '書畫與現代化: 書畫在現代藝術中的流變與波瀾'