'How should we regard the contemporary proliferation of images? Today, visual information is available as projected, printed and on-screen imagery, in the forms of video games, scientific data, virtual environments and architectural renderings. Fearful and anti-visualist responses to this phenomenon abound. Spread by digital technologies, images are thought to threaten the word and privilege surface value over content. Yet as they multiply, images face unprecedented competition for attention. This book explores the opportunities that can arise from the ubiquity of visual stimuli. It reveals that ‘technovisuality’―the fusion of digital technology with the visual―can work "wonders"; not so much dazzling audiences with special effects as reviving our enchantment with popular culture. Introducing a new term for an entirely new field of academic study, this book reveals the centrality of "technovisuality" in 21st century life.' - excerpt from front flap

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Introduction: Experiencing Wonder: Technovisuality and Culture Re-enchantment

- Helen GRACE

Section 1: Wondering

1 The 'Thousand-Mile Eye' and the Image-less Elephant: Imag(in)ing the Universe in Eco-poetics and Philosophy

- WONG Kinyuen

2 The World, Time


3 Technologies of Enchantment: Figures of Wonder in Cyberfiction

- Veronica HOLLINGER

4 The Birth of Wonder in the Database Economy


Section 2: Perceiving

5 The Performative Archive: New Conceptions of the Archive in Contemporary Theory, Art and New Media Practices

- Eivind RØSSAAK

6 Visualizing the Universe: Mandala and Buddhist Cosmology as Technovisual Embodiment

- CHAN Kitsze Amy

7 Meditation-Image as Transfiguration of Experience: Bill Viola's Video Art

- Nevena IVANOVA

Section 3: Experiencing

8 Tracking the Screen in Public Spaces: Everyday Dis/Enchantment

- Chris BERRY, Janet HARBORD

9 Screens and Imagination: Technovisuality and Consumption in Hong Kong Urbanscapes

- LOI Homan Felix

10 Multiple Modernities and the Imaging of Uselessness in Contemporary Chinese Cinema

- HUANG Tsungyi Michelle, 黃宗儀, LI Chishe

Technovisuality: Cultural Re-Enchantment and the Experience of Techonology
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Technovisuality: Cultural Re-Enchantment and the Experience of Techonology