This material consists of 12 posters (by 11 artists and a group,) accompanied by a text volume. As introduced in the preface by the museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo doubled the size of ‘MOT Annual,’ the annual Japanese art exhibition to promote young talents, on the transition point between the twentieth and the twenty-first century, and invited artists from abroad in addition to the Japanese artists. As explained in Shioda’s essay, this exhibition proposes the idea that art can be seen as a gift, which is given in a symbolic sense from the artist to the audience. Shioda examines issues such as ‘art as a gift,’ and ‘art and communication,’ in relation with the invited artists’ projects. There is biographical information and a list of selected exhibitions for each artist.

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The Gift of Hope

- Junichi SHIODA, 塩田純一

The Gift of Hope
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The Gift of Hope, ギフト・オブ・ホープ