Catalogue of exhibition of works by Wong Shih Yaw and Heri Dono from the collection of Yuji Inoyama. With essays by Jan Mrazek and C.J. Wanling Wee, and overview of the lives and works of the two artists.

'Wong Shih Yaw and Heri Dono are two artists at the forefront of contemporary art practices in Southeast Asia. Their works grapple with issues such as identity, tradition, religion, social order, craft and performance.

One striking aspect of their practice is the use of narrative or story-telling. Shadow puppets are a predominant feature in many of Heri Dono's works. Just as the puppet master uses his puppets to tell stories drawn from history, folklore and literature, Heri's puppets are used in his performances to weave satires and commentaries on contemporary society. Similarly, a number of Wong's paintings also have narratives, but this time, drawn from the Bible. Arising from his own religious beliefs, Wong depicts key biblical events within distinctly local and familiar surroundings. These in turn become reflections on identity and the complex relationship between the self and religion. This exhibition of 13 works by the former and 11 works by the latter presents a compelling picture of what it means to be a contemporary artist today.'

- extracted from introduction by Low Sze Wee.
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Heri Dono's Moving Pictures: Painting, Puppets, Performance


Christianity, the Work of Wong Shih Yaw and Contemporary Art

- C.J. Wan-ling WEE

The Inoyama Donation: A Tale of Two Artists
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The Inoyama Donation: A Tale of Two Artists


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