This booklet accompanies the solo exhibition of Zhao Renhui, a founding member of The Institute of Critical Zoologists, at 2902 Gallery. The exhibition is a parallel event of Singapore Biennale 2013.

'"The Last Thing You See" opens an array of possibilities for the human eye to see and to observe nature – from the camouflaged zoologists in The Blind’s series of images, to the invisibility of ultraviolet rays in How to eat bees? Shot in an archival manner to project authenticity, the show takes on a faux documentary that construct fiction that is based on elements of truth and what Man has interpreted of nature from years of scientific research.
Robert Zhao Renhui, a photographer cum zoologist, creates performance in his work which critics often associate to "interruptions that show a thin line between imagination and so-called truths". Rather than to bluff the viewer, the works are intended to be viewed in a context of constructed nature – to create cognitive dissonance between knowledge and sight.' - from gallery's website

Includes text of conversation between Kenneth Tay and the artist. With artist biography.

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The Last Thing You See: Recent Works by Robert Zhao Renhui
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The Last Thing You See: Recent Works by Robert Zhao Renhui