'“Haven’t You Heard?” – Artists of the 80’s Contemporary Art Group Exhibition has invited artists from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and the Philippines to Hong Kong to reflect their different understandings of life through their art. They use different mediums such as painting, conceptual photography, video and installation to present their contemporary artistic language, share their emotions, trade their experiences and project their different social and personal issues within the context of global urbanisation, using art to express the values of life and existence, in hopes that audiences can hear the ideas of the post 80s generation.' - from gallery's website

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Artist of the 80's Contemporary Art Group Show | 八十後當代藝術聯展, 

What an Affair? | 搭上了?

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Haven't You Heard? - The Variations of the Post 80s | 聽到嗎? - 八十後世代變奏 - Calvin HUI, 許劍龍
Reality vs. Virtuality (Wong Chun Hei, Otto Li Tin Lun) | 現實與虛擬 (黃進曦, 李天倫)
Tango Solo (interview with Zhou Yilun, Xu Di and Gao Mingyan) | 獨立探戈 (訪問周軼倫, 許敵和高銘研)
Ponder-Post 80s: Loneliness within Bustle | 思前想後.八十後: 繁華裡的孤寂 - Ikumi NAGASAWA, 長澤郁美
Finding Light | 尋.光明 - NAM Hyojun, 남효준
'HISTOGLYPH' - Unique Language That Tells History | 「HISTOGLYPH」- 獨特語言訴說歷史 - KIM Yongkwan, 김용관
Betamax - the Past, Present and Future of Philippines | 時光錄影機-菲律賓的過去、現在與未來 - Joseph DE JURAS

The Reflections on the Asia's Garden City | 亞洲花園城市的迷思?

- ZHAO Renhui Robert, 趙仁輝
The Post 80's Journal: Haven't You Heard?
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The Post 80's Journal: Haven't You Heard?, 八十後青年報: 聽到嗎?