Book published on the occasion of Heman Chong's solo exhibition held at Vitamin Creative Space in 2007.

Hemen Chong's solo project The Sole Proprietor and Other Stories curated by Vitamin Creative Space reflects a lot on the conversations between Heman Chong, the novelist Hu Fang and the curator Zhang Wei who is also the founder of Vitamin Creative Space. The project was started from a discussion about spirituality and approach to life, and the project was continuing from that departure, exploring the "concrete abstraction" relationship between individuals and forms. The project deals a lot with our daily urban environments - how we live in it with specific way of reading, how the "visual lauguge" actually comes from the fragments of daily experiences. It is about the time and the space - the advanced furture that we are facing - in a post information time, which infulences the way of today's artistic practices. In the meantime, the project is also an observation of the contributions from young generation artists within wider understanding of the Chinese context, which is always the research basis of artistic projects at Vitamin Creative Space.
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There are Already Thousands of Exhibitions in the World - A Letter for Heman

- HU Fang, 胡昉

The Idea of the Journey

- Russell STORER

I Remember Earth


An Elegant Hope

- Joselina CRUZ

Under Cover

- Astrid MANIA

Zentrasia (some chapters)

- Cosmin COSTINAS, 康喆明

Untitled (They Became Silent Again)

- Leif Magne TANGEN

Nostalgic Fragments

- HU Fang, 胡昉

The Sole Proprietor and other Stories
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The Sole Proprietor and other Stories, 私營者及其他軼事