This is an anthology of texts on the calligraphic practice of Chinese artist Wang Dongling. The collected essays deal with many aspects of his oeuvre. In addition to the stylistic characteristics of Wang's calligraphy and ink art, as well as the performativity of his 'giant calligraphy' (some of which are live-performed on site in the exhibition space), some writers also attempt to relate and position his art in the larger realm of contemporary art and its history.

Includes artist's biography.
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Shu fa dao: wang dong ling shu fa yi shu

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Way of Calligraphy: New Perspective on Modern Calligraphy / 書法道-當代書法新視境 - FAN Dian, 范迪安
The Contemporary Realm of Chinese Calligraphy / 書法的當代境界 - ZHU Qingsheng, 朱青生
The Wang Dongling I Know / 我認識的王冬齡 - Jia MAI, 麥家
Glamour of King / 王者之風 - Shunwei SI, 斯舜威
Calligraphic Strokes with Magnificent Power: Cultural Value of Wang Dongling's Cursive Hand in Big Characters / 筆落驚風雨-王冬齡大字草書的文化價值 - MAO Jianbo, 毛建波
Wang Dongling and the Construction of 'Contemporaneity' in Modern Calligraphy / 王冬齡與現代書法的'當代性'建構 - GUAN Huaibin, 管懷賓
Detached from Worldly Affairs to Pursue Free Spiritual Excursion, Being Simple to Stand out among all Beautiful Works: Humble Opinion on Calligraphy of the Modern Artist Mr. Wang Dongling / 乘物游心 眾美隨之-現代藝術家王冬齡書法管見 - HU Bushi, 胡不適
The Body's Return to Writing: Wang Dongling's Giant Calligraphy and its Contemporary Proposition / 返身書寫-談王冬齡巨書的當代命題 - ZHOU Shiyan, 周詩岩
The Art of Writing: Written Paintings / 書寫的藝術:被書寫的圖畫-廣泛的當代國際書法藝術展 - Christian SCHEFFLER
The Way of Calligraphy: Origin of Hangzhou Calligraphy Exhibition / 書法道 - WANG Dongling, 王冬齡
The Way of Calligraphy: Wang Dongling's Work
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The Way of Calligraphy: Wang Dongling's Work, 書法道: 王冬齡書法藝術