'A collaboration with the Institute for Expanded Research, as part of the ongoing project, Commune Diverge Shift Connect: A Press Press Chronicle. The publication is available for free online and for purchase through the Printed Matter Store.
The contents of this toolkit are based on two workshops which gathered Baltimore-based people who are involved in cooperative, collective, or collaborative cultural work, including: Allie Linn, Amy Reid, Bonnie Jones, C Kim (E'NB), E Cadoux, Tanya Garcia, Georgia McCandlish, Adriana Monsalve, Haniel Wides, Jacob Marley, Joseph Lee, Khadija Adell, Lu Zhang, Markele Cullins, N'Deye Diakhate, Priya Bhayana and Rose Buttress. The workshops were facilitated by Valentina Cabezas, Kimi Hanauer, Bomin Jeon, and Bilphena Yahwon.
This toolkit was initiated and composed by Kimi Hanauer using notes, transcriptions, and audio recordings from the workshops and additional research. This toolkit was edited by Lu Zhang and copyedited by Rebekah Kirkman. The digital publication was designed and coded by Eleni Agapis.
In the Prep Work section, an illustration appears that references a quote from the book Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown, “Move at the speed of trust.” In the Growth Work section, two illustrations appear that feature quotes from Press Press’s workshop Shared Agreements drafted by Bilphena Yahwon that say, “We speak and listen from the heart.” and “We will hold empathy and compassion in our actions and words.”
Thank you to Andrea Fraser, Candice Lin, and Gabrielle Civil for editorial advice. Thank you to Alea Adigweme for proofreading. Thank you to Paul Espinosa from the George Peabody Library for hosting Press Press and the Institute for Expanded Research for programming and research as part of the ongoing project.'  --Credits and description taken from online version
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Commune Diverge Shift Connect: A Press Press Handbook

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Toolkit for Cooperative, Collective, & Collaborative Cultural Work
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Toolkit for Cooperative, Collective, & Collaborative Cultural Work