It is the catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition Traces: Body and Idea in Contemporary Art in 2004. Artist biographies are included.

The exhibition reconsiders art after 1945 with its own viewpoint and tries to verify the common points and differences as well as the influence and uniqueness that these diversified works contain. What it note is the issue of 'art as traces.' The traces are the result of something, the images bound by cause-and-effect. If the conventional paintings of portraits and landscapes were based on the logic of 'likeness of something' then the works in the exhibition present images as the 'result of something.'

The exhibition introduces 120 works by sixty artists from the United States, Europe, Japan and Korea, which proposes a new viewpoint of contemporary art.

Other artists in the exhibition:
Vito Acconci, Manira Abramovic, Arman, Andy Warhol, Ulay, Dennis Oppenheim, Roman Opalka, Yves Klein, John Cage, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Robert Smithson, Richard Serra, Jim Dine, Williem De Kooning, Cy Twombly, Hermann Nitsch, Lucio Fontana, Gunter Brus, Mel Bochner, Jackson Pollock, Georges Mathieu, Otto Muehl, Ana Mendieta, Robert Morris, Robert Rauschenberg, Barry Le Va, Sol Lewitt, Richard Long
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Traces: Art as Harsh Reality (in Japanese & English only) - Shinichiro OSAKI, 尾崎信一郎
L'image-sillage (in Japanese & French only) - Georges DIDI-HUBERMAN
Index and Counterfeit (in Japanese & English only) - Richard SHIFF
Uberschreitung und Prozess: Wiener Aktionismus (in Japanese & German only) - Hubert KLOCKER
Traces: Body and Idea in Contemporary Art
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Traces: Body and Idea in Contemporary Art