Published to accompany 'Tracing the Milky Way,' a group show featuring six Chinese artists at Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing from March to May 2011. Includes essays by Martina Koppel-Yang, Jean de Losiy, Guo Xiaoyan and Hou Hanru, artist interviews and biographies. 

'"Tracing the Milky Way" recounts the story of life’s journey, and the unique opportunities destiny provides through moments and encounters, forever marking and redefining one’s path. "Tracing the Milky Way" is, surprisingly, the first time in Beijing this group of leading artists are united. A group of friends, among them artists, writers, poets, critics and curators, all on an infinite voyage, all in constant dialogue with their inner selves. Their works are working on different horizons with singular vocabulary and attitude. The only possible point in common they might have would be in their revelation to us the importance and relevance of the imagination as the faculty of perception and knowledge of the soul. Chen Zhen, Huang Yong Ping, Shen Yuan, Wang Du, Yan Pei-Ming and Yang Jiechang are a unique mixture of personalities whose visions when combined catalyse an explosion of natural and supranatural, real and imaginary, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. The soul or psyche as the intelligent primary source of the cosmos and the envisioned mediator between divine and human… In short, the motor force behind life’s work and creativity.' (Excerpt from 'Forword' by Jerome Sans, p. 9)

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What Matters/ 重要的是什麼 - Martina KOEPPEL-YANG, 楊天娜
The Resounding Silence - Chen Zhen Interviewed by Jerome Sans (2000)/ 有聲的沈默...... - 杰羅姆.桑斯訪談陳箴(2000年)
Animal Party - Huang Yong Ping Interviewed by Jerome Sans/ 動物黨 - 杰羅姆.桑斯訪談黃永砯
The Sleep of Reason/ 理性的沈睡 - Jean de LOISY
Musical Hands - Shen Yuan Interviewed by Jerome Sans/ 美妙的手 - 杰羅姆.桑斯訪談沈遠
Raising the Issue of Empty Space in Language/ 將問題置於語言的虛空處 - GUO Xiaoyan, 郭曉彥
Oversize Me - Wang Du Interviewed by Jerome Sans/ 撿來的作品 - 杰羅姆.桑斯訪談王度
The Wall - Yan Peiming Interviewed by Jerome Sans/ ? - 杰羅姆.桑斯訪談嚴培明
Demons and Monsters - Yang Jiechang Interviewed by Jerome Sans/ 回家 - 杰羅姆.桑斯訪談楊詰蒼
Towards a World of Poets - Yang Jiechang's Work/ 走向詩人的世界 - HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如
Tracing the Milky Way
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Tracing the Milky Way, 軌跡