The publication is produced on the occasion of the group exhibition of the same title held from September to October 2014 in Arko Art Center, South Korea. An international symposium is held alongside.

Arko Art Center's project, Tradition (Un)Realized focuses on modes of multidisciplinary artistic research into various kinds of tradition with performances and screenings by artists in the Asian regions, aiming at deepening the relationship between the traditional and the contemporary. The symposium looks for a new, multidimensional view of tradition today, seeing through cultural theory and critical discourse and opening up contemporary approaches to tradition in search of practical and theoretical strategies for rethinking cultural inheritance and its potential critical amplitude in the present.

Including speakers' and curators' biographies.

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Session I
Nationalization Project and 'Tradition Culture' Discourse in Taiwan and South Korea in Cold War Era - Youngdo YUN
Does Gugak Exist? - About the End of Invention - Jiyoung JEON
Yeosung Gukgeuk: Tradition (Un)Realized - siren eun young jung, 정은영
Crossroad of Youth, the 'Narrator' of Silent Movies and the Early Modern Experience of Viewing - Eunyoung MO
The Unruly Life of Tradition: Versioning, Cinematic Apparatus and Artistic Labour in Thailand - May Adadol INGAWANIJ
Session II
The Withdrawal of Tradition Past a Surpassing Disaster - Jalal TOUFIC
Pyramid of Souls - Fragmentary Notes on Mohammad Din Mohammad's Treatment of the 'Art Object' - Shabbir Hussain MUSTAFA
The Phantom of 'Minjok Art' - PARK Chankyong, 박찬경
La Fausse Monnaie: Tradition as False Currency - David TEH
Tradition (Un)Realized: International Symposium
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Tradition (Un)Realized: International Symposium