Phoebe Wong, Researcher of Asia Art Archive visited Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 13-18 January 2004. The setting off of the research trip to Yogyakarta began as a point of departure for the Asia Art Archive to collate documentation of contemporary Indonesian art with immediate goals to visit/interview artists/art organisations, collect documents and materials, build connections and investigate archival establishment concerning contemporary art.

This CD-Rom contains:
Still Images from the trip
A Research Report (with recommendations)
A Travelogue for AAA website

Visits / interviews included:
Cemeti Art House
Cemeti Art Foundation
Ruang Mes 56
Rumah Grafis Minggiran [Printmaking Open Studio]
Kadai Kebun Forum
Muara Rumah Seni [Muara Art House]
Benda Art Space
Heri Dono
Agus Suwage
Nindityo Adipurnomo
Affandi Museum
Fruit of Change exhibition held at the Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
Project: Small Sweet exhibition held at the Cemeti Art House
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Travelogue: Yogyakarta Research Report 2004