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6 established women artists in China (六位中國傑出的女藝術家):
Lin Tianmiao (林天苗)
Shu Lea Cheang (鄭淑麗)
Virtual worlds traveller (虛擬世界的行者)
About 'Baby Love' (關於 Baby Love)
Shen Yuan (沈遠)
From waterbed to diverged tongue and Un Matin Du Monde: A short chronology of the transformation of images (從水床到歧舌和一個世界的早晨) - Martina KOEPPEL-YANG, 楊天娜
To be a bridge (成為橋樑)
Yin Xiuzhen (尹秀珍)
Yin Xiuzhen: On a journey, at the point of entrance (人在旅途, 人在入口) - YIN Xiuzhen, 尹秀珍
On fashion terrorism 5 (關於《時尚恐佈主義5》) - YIN Xiuzhen, 尹秀珍
Changes and histories (變化和歷史) - LENG Lin, 冷林
Wu Mali (吳瑪悧)
Wu Mali: My skin is my home / nation (吳瑪悧: 我的皮膚就是我的家/國)
Cao Fei (曹斐)
Whose Uptopia? Interview with Cao Fei (誰的烏托邦? 曹斐訪談錄)
About PRD anti-heroes (關於《珠三角梟雄傳》) - CAO Fei, 曹斐
Hip hop humans: On the streets of Chinatown: International with Cao Fei (嘻哈人類: 在國際化的唐人街邂逅曹斐) - Philip TINARI, 田霏宇

Brand, practice, and footprint: Revelation of proposition and action strategy of C06 Taiwan avant-garde documenta (品牌、實踐與痕跡: 台灣前衛文件展的命題揭露與行動策略) - LIN Ping, 林平
Power of non-realism: Interview with Lu Chunsheng (非現實主義的力量: 陸春生訪談) - Hans Ulrich OBRIST
21 century: Asian contemporary art in China: Interview with Fumio Nanjo (21世紀, 亞洲當代藝術在中國: 南條史生訪談)
Projects about exchange workship: Interview with Robert Loder (交換工作室計劃英國三角基金會主席羅伯特‧洛德訪談)

Artist review (藝術家追踪):
Freed from the reality - the trance and elusion: A note on Tang's 'I go travelling' (面向現狀的脫逸: 談湯皇珍的《我去旅行》) - CHEN Taisong, 陳泰松
In name of the feminine (以女藝術家之名) - GU Zhenqing, 顧振清
After angel (天使之後) - WEI Xing, 魏星
Is realism a 'fake rockery'? On Zhan Wang's art works (現實主義是一座「假山」嗎?從展望的藝術個案談起) - YIN Jinan, 尹吉男
Face up: Situating weapons of assassination (面對:暗器的場域) - Josef NG, 吳承祖
The Jesus Christ in Huangjueping (黃桷坪的基督) - LI Zhanyang, 李占洋
Li Hui's material paradise (李暉的「玩物主義」) - Pan Huimin, 潘慧敏

Exhibition review (展覽觀察):
Blind date (陌生人約會)
An artistic view of Beijing - Moscow (藝術的北京--莫斯科) - FANG Zhenning, 方振寧
In Shenzhen (在深圳) - PI Li, 皮力
Status and Scenes 'Regeneration' (現狀與現場 -- 「再生」展始本末) - HUANG Xuebin, 黃學斌
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