'Re-take of Amrita is a book of digital photomontages by Vivan Sundaram, including a foreword by Wu Hung and an introduction by the artist. These montages are the result of a "collaborative" photographic project, between Umrao Singh Sher-Gil (1870-1954), the "essential" photographer who took numerous self-portraits, and Vivan Sundaram, who orchestrates these archival photographs with a digital wand. Vivan Sundaram enters the space of the Sher-Gil homes and makes the members of the family enact (and re-enact) moments of radiating desire under his direction. The encounter generated in this process of recasting the family in new roles elaborate into a fictional narractive. The central axis of the "cinematic plot" is the relationship between the father Umrao Singh Sher-Gil and the artist-daughter Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-1941).

'30 photographs from this series are part of the book Amrita Sher-Gil: An Indian Artist's Family in the Twentieth Century, Munic: Schirmer/Mosel, 2006.' (Excerpt from back cover)
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A Meditation on Re-Take of Amrita - WU Hung, 巫鴻
Illumination and Death - Vivan SUNDARAM
Vivan Sundaram: Re-take of Amrita
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Vivan Sundaram: Re-take of Amrita