Holland Cotter writes on the lack of visibility of female artists in the current Chinese pantheon of contemporary artists.  Cotter reviews a few women artists who have some international recognition in the chauvinistic art world.  Interestingly, many of these women are married to other artists and comprise half of a power couple:  Xiao Lu (collaborated with Tang Song); Lin Tianmiao (Wang Gongxin); Yin  Xuizhen (Song Dong); Lu Qing (Ai Weiwei); Xing Danwen; Cui Xiuwen; Xiong Wenyun; Li Shurui (Chen Jie).  While some of these women work in media associated with the home or what Cotter calls the materials of the "apartment art" generation such as wrappings, knitting etc., art by women is not confined to "women's issues" like family and home. 

This article, originally published in the New York Times, can be viewed here via its website, where a slide show of images is also available.
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Women Emerge onto the Beijing Art Scene