An anthology of texts that grew out of the 'Work, Work, Work' seminar in 2012 at laspis in Stockholm. With contributes from 25 artists, art historians, curators, and philosophers, the texts address questions of relationship between work and the production of art. Topics addressed include 'creativity' as a commodity, the role of art and architecture today to impact society, new modes of artistic production, and artist residency as workplace.
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The Paradox of Art and Work: An Irritating Note - Lars Bang LARSEN
Don't Smile, Organise - Nina POWER
Work as Commodity - Helena MATTSSON
Art as Occupation: Claims for an Autonomy of Life - Hito STEYERL
A Sense of Solidarity - Ingela JOHANSSON, Nina SVENSSON
Give More than You Take - Pierre BAL-BLANC
The General Intellect is Looking for a Body - Franco BERARDI
After Hours: Art, Imagination and the Residue of the Working Day - Raqs Media Collective
Chinese Business - Mladen STILINOVIC
Just as Money is Paper, so a Gallery is a Room - Jonatan Habib ENGQVIST
The Jobless State: Work, Global Assembly Line, Indolence - Sarat MAHARAJ
Creating, Working, Deforming and Production in the Biopolitical Factory - Judith REVEL
Some Reflections on Student Protest, Anti-cuts Activism and Artistic and Intellectual Autonomy - Kirsten FORKERT
Arbeitswelt - Annika ERIKSSON
Obliquely, Inconceivably and Out of Our Hands: Reflections on the Conditions for Artistic Work in Bringing About Change - Catharina GABRIELSSON
Precarious Life within the Creative Crisis of Finance Capital - Michele MASUCCI
A r/c tivism and Tactical Spatial Practices - Ana BETANCOUR
A Living Body Performing its own Autopsy within Contemporary Capitalism - OTCOP
Two Years: the Dematerialisation of the Art Institution - Lisa ROSENDAHL
A Residency as Workplace - Cecilia WIDENHEIM
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Maria LIND
Towards a Methodology - Annika ERIKSSON
Production of Imaginary Solutions - Joanna SOKOLOWSKA
Work, Work, Work: A Reader on Art and Labour
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Work, Work, Work: A Reader on Art and Labour