This catalogue accompanies Kamin Lertchaiprasert's solo exhibition at Tang Contemporary, Bangkok from April to May 2010. Includes interview with the artist by Uthit and artist's biography.

'..WRONG PLACE, the new solo exhibition by Kamin Lertchaiprasert, effectually deals with the reasoning behind the current vicissitudes of the region’s political, economic and cultural strife. An installation combining three-dimensional materials with two-dimensional illusionary effects, the artworks were created not just for an audience, but as an internal dialogue, part of the artist’s attempt to comprehend the current global situation.

For the exhibition Lertchaiprasert has produced 24 monochrome paintings and wood sculptures. These artworks were selected and then re-created from his “Sitting series”, a series of 366 charcoal drawings and small wood carved sculptures systematically produced daily over a year. With an intense spirituality, the illustrated figures show meditative gestures corresponding to the artist’s daily emotions and situations.

An installation appears in the form of two pink buffaloes facing off against a painting propped against a large double-sided mirror. The entire gallery floor scattered with colourful flowers, adding an extra element of theatricality to the environment. The artwork was inspired by Lertchaiprasert’s artist friend, Sompoch Aung, who composed a painting of a disoriented running buffalo unable to feed amidst a field of flowers – a case of being in the wrong place. The painting gave birth to Lertchaiprasert’s installation in relation to the present circumstances of a society losing its way.' Josef Eng, curator
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Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right - Josef NG, 吳承祖
... Wrong Place
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... Wrong Place