According to You Wei, who has contributed an essay to the present catalogue, Yang Maolin is 'manufacturing' the subcultures of the contemporary Taiwanese society through his artworks:

'Yang Maolin is clearly committed to the mingling of different breeds rather than pure lineage, allowing for free manipulation of such icons of popular culture as Pikachu, Japanese teen beauties, Dog(chancheng), and Taiwan green turtle. This approach signifies Taiwan's cultural restlessness and unwillingness to be dominated by one voice, the juxtaposition of assorted cultural symbols, and a touch of awkward retro, seemingly assimilating them into a uniquely everyday Taiwanese aesthetic. Less than complete melting, perhaps this is best described as "marriage" of these diverse elements and influences. Inviting the Immortals uses the plainly evident strategy of mingling symbols to embody that awkward marriage of subcultures in Taiwan.'

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The Prankster Intellectual: On Yang Mao-lin's 2001 Inviting the Immortals II: Baby, You're Amazing - YU Wei, 游崴
Having fun (Artist's Statement) - YANG Maolin, 楊茂林
Yang Mao-lin: Inviting the Immortals II - Baby, You're Amazing
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Yang Mao-lin: Inviting the Immortals II - Baby, You're Amazing, 楊茂林: 請眾仙II - 寶貝 你好神奇