This issue considers historical figures--Lin Fengmian, Ching Ho Cheng and Wang Huaiqing--from a contemporary perspective. History writing is also the subject of an Asia Art Archive roundtable discussion; Christina Chu, Chang Tsongzung, Lu Pen, Wan Qingli, Koon Yeewan, Pamela Kember, Frank Vigneron, and Henry Au-Yeung. were participants. Finally, some articles review the Third Chengdu Bienniale and the problems of guohua (Chinese ink painting) in a contemporary world.

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Jan 2008

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The Emperor Decomposed Long Ago, Only the Scent of the Nanmu Tree Remains - QIU Zhijie, 邱志傑
Ching Ho Cheng: A Reintroduction - Jonathan GOODMAN
Modernism and Hybridity in the Works of Lin Fengmian - NG Sandy Manyee, 吳敏儀
A World of Contrasts--on Wang Huaiqing's Modern Structure - JIA Fangzhou, 賈方舟
Some Thoughts About Wang Huaiqing - Michael SULLIVAN, 蘇立文
HistoriCITY--Asia Art Archive Roundtable on Art Historical Writing in and on Hong Kong
Construction and Expansion of Contemporary Art - SHEN Kuiyi, 沈揆一
Only When Things Belong to the World, Can They Belong to a Nation - LU Hong, 魯虹
Do We Have the Time for the Subtleties of Guohua? - Britta ERICKSON, 林似竹
Reboot--The Third Chengdu Biennale: A Review - Michael HATCH
Contemporary Ink: In Service of the Everyday - Pauline J. YAO, 姚嘉善
Interview: A Conversation between Chu Yun and Hu Fang
Animated Realities: the Art of Qiu Anxiong - Rosalind HOLMES
Recent Drawings and Photographs by Evan Lee - Charo NEVILLE
A Space in Time: Reflections on Developments in Contemporary Art in Taiwan - Sophie McINTYRE
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Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art (Vol. 7, No. 1; Jan 2008), 典藏國際版 (第7卷, 第1期)