Catalogue of solo exhibition by Zhang Xiaotao at He Xiangning Art Museum in 2007. With artist biography, interview by Fu Xiaodong, and exerpts from Zhang's blog.

'Decay, disgust, and death are central preoccupations in the work of Zhang Xiaotao. No artist has rendered the spectacle of consumption and excess in as much vivid detail as Zhang Xiaotao, and this monograph captures the provocative nature of his painting in arresting images and revealing interviews. His work is both horrifying and edifying, a close look at the otherwise overlooked and marginalized aspects of our existence: What happens to the waste we create, both in our minds and in our space? What are the inanimate consequences of over-indulgence, and what is the cost of their denial? By highlighting the natural processes begot by unnatural levels of desire, Zhang Xiaotao creates a portrait of reality as intimate as it is subaltern, macrocosmic views of the microcosmic spaces, both physical and psychic, that have been reclaimed by nature.' - extracted from the website of Timezone 8.
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Deep Anxiety in Inner Heart - FENG Boyi, 馮博一
Light in the Darkness - WU Hong, 吳鴻
Poppy Flowers Growing in Ruins - SHU Yang, 舒陽
Antibody of Paintings - ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤
Zhang Xiao Tao 2002-2006
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Zhang Xiao Tao 2002-2006, 張小濤 2002-2006