This is a monograph of Taiwanese Cheng Tsaitung, featuring both his oil paintings and ink paintings, created from the 1970s to 2002. Selected essays contributed by noted art critics and curators are also included. The essays are provided in Chinese unless otherwise stated. Artist's biography is provided.
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流徒:鄭在東作品試詮 - HUANG Handi, 黃翰荻
鏡影的誘惑:閲讀鄭在東作品 - YANG Chao, 楊照
談藏家及玩家:記鄭在東新作展 - Ze YANG, 楊澤
死亡的儀式 - WANG Chiachi Jason, 王嘉驥
事如夢痕:讀鄭在東畫有感 - YAN Shanchun, 嚴善錞
Apparitions: Paintings by Cheng Tsai-tung 1986-1989 (in English only) - CHANG Tsongzung Johnson, 張頌仁
Cheng Tsai-Tung: Retreat from the Avant-Garde - Eric Otto WEAR, 華立強
Zheng Zai-Dong
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Zheng Zai-Dong, 鄭在東