Poetry Blossoms (Issue 2)

Issue two of self-published magazine Poetry Blossoms (three issues in total). Publishers include Wucius WONG, Qunnan SHUM and YIP Wai Lim.

教育 藝術 鑑賞 | (Education, Art, Appreciation)
海夜裡,一點痴... | (Longing in the Night of Sea…)
船舷旁的殘頁 | (The Torn Page by the Ship)
過客 | (A Passer-by)
茨蒂,神話… | (Cindy, a Myth…)
創造!! | (Creation!!)
走了,那裡落日… | (Let's Go, the Sun is Setting…)
溜飄了,這平凡的怨艾! | (This Ordinary Grumble, it is Gone!)
世紀末的蒼白 | (The Paleness at the End of the Century)
無題的商籟組 | (A Group of Untitled Sonnets)
依芙蓮 霍葆 | (Evelyn Hope)
人間的記憶 | (Memory in this world)

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Poetry Blossoms (Issue 2), 詩朵 (第二期)