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Tue, 20 Sep 2022

Drawing Words

Artist exercises from artist Joey Chin start from AAA’s archival collections to study the visuality of handwriting and the ways in which we communicate

Tue, 20 Sep 2022

Tracing Landscape and Materials

Artist exercises from the Anga Art Collective wish to engage more deeply with natural environments and ecological concerns of the present

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Mon, 21 Mar 2022

Building Personal Ties with Art Archives

Lam Wing Sze offers students a series of hands-on exercises related to art archives

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Fri, 19 Feb 2021

Learning at Home | Trash to Treasure

Nikita Teresa Sarkar encourages changes in attitudes and habits towards waste through a series of design thinking exercises

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans by teachers
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Fri, 22 Jul 2022

Archive as a Platform for Creative Inquiry

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Thu, 20 Aug 2020

Creative Exercises During the Pandemic

Visual arts teacher Peggy Kwan discusses how she implemented AAA's online resources, and made adjustments to suit her students' abilities and needs

Thu, 6 Aug 2020

Performance Art in the Classroom

A series of performance art exercises for students to think about the idea of learning

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Thu, 3 Oct 2019

Contemporary Art Study—From Research and Archive to Art Making

A case study involving archives as a point of departure for self-exploration and art making

Learn with Archives

Introductory courses on regional contemporary art developed with AAA Collections
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Image 01 - Large scale Mao portrait
Mon, 21 Mar 2022

Art Education in China Since 1949

WATCH: This talk introduces art education in China from the 1950s to the 2000s, featuring the works of Chinese artists from different generations

leewan Mini course
Fri, 20 Aug 2021

From Drawing to Performance: The Lee Wen Archive

WATCH: This talk Introduces the history of performance art in Singapore and South East Asia and the artistic practice of Lee Wen

Wed, 19 Feb 2020

Performance Art History of Hong Kong: Moments between the 1960s to Today from Asia Art Archive’s Collection

WATCH: This series of short videos introduces the key moments of performance art history in Hong Kong through highlights of AAA's Collection

Mon, 7 Jan 2019

From Ladies at Leisure to Internet Avatar: Women in the Arts in China

WATCH: This talk discusses the position and representation of women in the visual arts in Mainland China from the late Qing dynasty to the present day.

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