New Currents (Issue 5)

Fifth issue of New Currents, magazine published by the Modern Literature and Art Association Hong Kong from 1959-1960 (6 issues in total).

現代文學美術協會主辦 一九六零年度 新思潮文學獎金 | (New Currents Literary Scholarship 1960, sponsored by the Modern Literature and Art Association)
文學的自覺運動/崑南 | (The Self-awakening Movement in Literature)/SHUM Qunnan
自覺中的藝術家/王無邪 | (The Self-awakening Artist)/Wucius WONG
佩鎗的基督/盧因 | (Christ with a Revolver)/Paul LO
陽光/沙內沙 | (Sunlight)/Sha Nei Sha
存愁/大荒 | (Remaining Sorrow)/Da Huang

普魯斯特專輯 | (Special Feature on Proust)
施栖佛斯神話 藝術家及其時代/夏宇揚 譯 加繆論文兩篇 | (The Myth of Sisyphus, the Artist and His Time - two essays by Camus)/ translated by XIA Yuyang
普魯斯特之認識/葉維廉 | (On Proust)/YIP Wai Lim
茶與糕與記憶  普魯斯特 史璜之路 的一部分/蚩羿 譯 | (Tea and Cakes and Memory; on Part of Proust's Swann's Way)/ translated by Chi Yi
普氏及其 往事追迹錄/狄吾 | (Proust and his Remembrance of Things Past)/Di Wu

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New Currents (Issue 5), 新思潮 (第五期)