'At the East-West Crossroads' is a major retrospective exhibition to commemorate the accomplishment of Wucius Wong, a key figure in the circles of art, art education and art criticism of Hong Kong. It features over 70 representative works displayed in five chronological sections. With each section covering a decade of his works, the exhibition showcases the stylistic evolution and the achievement of Wucius Wong from the 1950s to date.

As in the exhibition, the present catalogue is divided into five chronological sections, each accompanied by the artist's own writings on art theory and his own artistic development. With biographical notes and a list of publications by the artist.

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Grids, Ground Planes, Fragments and Fractures: Modernism and the Chinese Landscape


At the Crossroads of East and West

- Wucius WONG, 王無邪

Tracing Origins in the Past and the Present, and Searching towards the East and the West - On the Dilemma faced by Chinese Painters in the 20th Century

- Wucius WONG, 王無邪

Postwar Hong Kong Art: Maturation and Self-Strengthening

- Wucius WONG, 王無邪

At the East-West Crossroads: The Art of Wucius Wong
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At the East-West Crossroads: The Art of Wucius Wong, 東西問道: 王無邪的藝術